Monday, October 28, 2013

It Just Full

We took Sofie to the Butterfly House in Durham this past weekend. While in there she was all shaky smiles as the butterflies fluttered over her head. At one point she wanted to touch the cobble stone path. We told her she couldn't so she pulled herself up on the nearby bench. She gently ran her hands along the polished wood, clicked her heels together a few times, smiled and said "it just full, just full" as she took it all in. Sofie's word for beautiful is "full", so she was saying "it's just beautiful, just beautiful" I am so thankful for all the therapy Sofie receives but am more convinced than ever that making Sofie more "like us" would be wrong. All I want is for her learn a second language, our boring spoken one, and she seems to be doing just fine with that. I want her to be comfortable in her skin and able to learn about the world she loves so intensely. I don't want any of those beautiful eccentricities to go away. She really does have powers, our little princess.