Tuesday, January 8, 2013

She found the purple cat!

Big stuff is happening in our house! I feel like things are really starting to connect for Sofie. She is babbling consistently now. I am so happy to write that. Around 15 months she began to babble less and less. Yesterday Sofie said "Bay" for the first time since mid October. That was wonderful because it was Sofie's answer to "Who is that [in the mirror]?"That was really exciting. It was especially exciting because it was after a few days of Sofie seeming to return to her problematic habits (licking walls, putting everything in her mouth, not answering to her name, not playing). I was beginning to worry that we were losing our footing after so much progress. Sofie's speech therapist reassured me that it was probably Sofie reacting to being away for the holidays and was returning to her sources of comfort. What is more soothing than a nice cold wall to lick?

I wish I could organize my thoughts a little better this evening. Maybe after a good night's sleep I can put something together that is at least a little coherent. Right now I can only ramble. I am all over the place. The video above will do a MUCH better job illustrating how wonderful tonight was. I am going to go to bed tonight hoping tomorrow is half as good.

Going to bed a happy mommy and proud of my Bubu.

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